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Even in expressed exposed situations and with difficult ground conditions it is possible to apply satisfactory hydroseeding. In order to ensure this, Scheier (Technology for Hydroseeding) has the experience, the know-how and experts for ground culture and seeds.

On customer's request ground samples are taken, which give exact information over nutrient conditions and other ground parameters. Afterwards the appropriate aggregates are specified for the Begrünungsmischung.

Seeds-specialists with the appropriate know-how especially in "High mountain hydroseeding" give their advise over the correct composition of the seed mixture, in order to obtain a permanent hydroseeding success.

Special attention is put to the ecological aspects - e.g. that the grasses and herbs used in the seed mixture already occur in nature (location-fair plants).

How we do it

helicopterSCHEIER (Technology for hydroseeding) is not only well-known as manufacturers of high-quality hydraulic seeding devices, but also does the hydroseeding itself.

Hydroseeding In extremely difficult areas with helicopters.

The advantage:

Hydroseeding in very short time on large surfaces with an even seed-mixture.

For this purpose SCHEIER (Technology for hydroseeding) developed a hydraulic seed equipment, which can be adapted to every helicopter.

The surface achievement with helicopter-supported hydroseeding amounts to only 60 minutes per hectare.


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