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Organic fungal biomass
All the raw ingredients of AGROBIOSOL® come from agriculture. Soya meal, sugar, syrups, cottonseed meal, trace elements and vitamins are all converted into fungal biomass in a biological fermentation process lasting several days. After drying-out and the addition of 3% calcium sulphate this results in an organic fertilizer that's close to nature. Because of the organically bound nitrogen, no additional nitrate pollution will occur if AGROBIOSOL® is used correctly. AGROBIOSOL® conforms to EU directives 2078/92 and 2381/94 and is therefore permitted for use in "natural" and organic farming.

AGROBIOSOL® revitalises vegetation-hostile areas as an organic fungal biomass. This is achieved by stimulating the microorganisms in the ground and encouraging the formation of humus.

Recultivation / planting areas, ground with low potash supply, afforestation of problem spots, ski pistes, game feeding areas, sports turf and leisure surfaces

  • The nutrients are organically bound, creating a SLOW RELEASE effect.
  • Very safe from an ecological standpoint through use of selected raw ingredients.
  • Regular use consistently improves soil fertility
  • Increased resistance and vitality in plants.
  • Increases humus content and improves fine root formation
  • Good, high-quality yields.
  • Low-salt fertilizer, so well-suited to greenhouse cultivation and arid/low-precipitation areas
  • Improved ground dynamics and health by microorganisms activated in the ground.

Delivery format:: pellets in 25 kg plastic valve bags
(600 kg Big Bags for helicopter spreading)
Application:: by hand, mechanically or by helicopter, AGROBIOSOL is sprinkled onto the surface. In some cases it may help to push it in by 1-3 cm.
Odour:: typical fungal odour that dissipates shortly after application, depending on temperature and humidity
Water approx. 4%
Organic substances 80%
Nitrogen, organically bound (total) > 6%
Nitrogen, water soluble (NO3) < 0,5%
Phosphorus (P2O5) 1 - 2%
Potassium (K2O) 3 - 4%
Carbon to nitrogen ratio 6 : 1
Trace elements, vitamins
(Heavy metal content under tolerance threshold for animal feeds)

Recommended quantities:
Culture/application Quantity of fertilizer Application period
New planting
(hydroseeding, straw planting, dry seeding etc.)
1500 - 2000 kg/ha Spring - Autumn
Piste fertilisation
1000 - 1500 kg/ha
500 - 1000 kg/ha
Spring - Autumn
2nd to 5th year
after 6th year

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