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FLEX GUARD® is a fibre reinforced matrix. The combination of long and thermally-treated wood fibres, synthetic fibres and natural polymers make this matrix particularly durable. The product is applied to untreated soils in the hydroseeding process and works immediately to control erosion and allow vegetation to thrive optimally.

Durable and versatile
FLEX GUARD® binds durably to all slopes and soil types and adapts to surface irregularities. This matrix can replace and improve upon other erosion systems, such as expensive geomats, particularly in areas that are difficult to access. Protects for up to 12 months.

FLEX GUARD® binds to the soil immediately and after two hours forms a protective membrane against erosion.

The seeds are mixed directly with FLEX GUARD® in the hydroseeder. This creates a protective seedbed following application. Optimal conditions for rapid germination – a protective microclimate: the seeds are in contact with the soil with additives available to them in a fixed location, while the matrix regulates moisture levels.

Economic efficiency:
A homogeneous ready-mix, ready for use. FLEX GUARD® saves time and money, particularly compared with conventional erosion control methods.

Biodegradable FLEX GUARD® is biodegradable and non-toxic. The soil surface is successfully protected until the vegetation is established. Subsequently, the mulch degrades and enriches the soil structure.

Comparison of characteristics:
FLEX GUARD Geotextil
Effective without special ground preparation YES NO
Applicable without direct access to the area YES NO
Creates direct contact with the soil YES NO
Can be used on wet ground YES NO
Eliminates costly and labour-intensive laying and staking out YES NO

Area of application:
Steep slopes that require long-term reinforced protection against erosion.
Circumstances caused by weather or organisational factors that require fast protection and rapid vegetation growth.
Steep areas where ground preparation is difficult or even impossible.

Application examples:
Open-cast mining, landfill, golf courses, craggy slopes, highway, railway and waterway construction, ski slopes, etc.

Long, thermally-treated wood fibres > 82 ± 1%
Organic binder < 9 ± 1%
Synthetic fibres 5 ± 1%
Cross linker 3%
Green colouring 1%
Minimum water storage capacity 1000%

The quantity of FLEX GUARD® is determined by the gradient, condition of the slope, the soil texture, weather conditions and seeds.
Average usage is 110 to 220 bales per hectare. For project-specific calculations, please contact us.

Bales of 22.7 kg, on pallets with 36 to 40 units

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