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Mining dumps, steep slopes, ski pistes, sand deposition sites, landfill sites, ash depositions, coal and ore dumps, leisure and sport areas, roof gardens.

  • Simple handling as mix is sprayed directly onto the ground (mix comprises water, fertilizer, ground improver, seed and Terravest).
  • Optimum wind and water erosion protection thanks to the rapid, three-dimensional crosslinking molecules in the ground surface (up to 20 mm).
  • Reinforcing the ground surface prevents the fertilizer from being quickly washed away into the sub-soil.
  • The ground surface is not sealed by the cured Terravest, it retains its absorbency for precipitation. Germination and plant growth are also not hindered.
  • Seed consumption by birds and ants is reduced by 40%.
  • The reinforcement is frost-resistant and works on both acidic and alkaline soils.
  • The soil ecology will not be affected.
  • Terravest will decompose to carbon dioxide and water after around 6 months due to the heat, light (UV rays) and oxygen naturally present in the environment.

    TERRAVEST® Factbox:
    Delivery format: concentrate in 20 litre canisters
    Recommended quantities: 10 to 20 g per square metre
    Appearance: dark brown liquid
    Active ingredients: approx. 100%
    Density: 0,91g/cm3
    Viscosity at 20 °C in mPa s: 790 ± 10%
    Shelf life: min. 2 Jahre
    Frost-resistant: yes
    Quality of diluting water: not important
    Quantity of diluting water: approx.1.5 litres-2.0 litres per minute2
    Minimum quantity of diluting water for very fine soils: approx.0.1 litres per minute2
    Fully compatible with hydroseeding mix components (fertilizer etc.) fully compatibly
    Does not influence the germination of seeds up to 30g/m2
    Increases the germination rates of seeds: 10g/m2, 20g/m2, 30g/m2
    Lowest soil temperature for application: none
    Protection against wind erosion on flat surfaces: from 10 g/m2

    Eroxion protection for suitable surfaces: Terrain incline
    Surface structure example
    up to approx. 15°
    approx. 1:4
    up to approx. 30°
    approx. 1:2
    up to approx. 45°
    approx. 1:1
    over 45°
    steeper than 1:1
    smooth mud, silt, clay 15g 20g 25g 30g
    rough sand, gravel 10g 15g 20g 25g
    rough rubble,
    worn roc
    10g 15g 15g 20g
    Extra in areas and periods of high precipitation
    +10g +10g +15g +15g
    Extra for long germination rates e.g late autumn sowing
    +15g +15g +20g +20g
    Duration of bond: at least until erosion protection duties
    taken over by turf
    Rain permeability of reinforced soil layer: excellent
    Reduction of soil moisture evaporation through the reinforced layer: 20g/m2
    Reduction of rain water washing away fertilizer: 10g/m2

    Packaging sizes:
    Canisters of 20 kg; 51 canisters per pallet (120 cm x 120 cm)

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